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14 Apr 2024

CN: yahegochengeg
shsiyayh Fuel Injection Pump HP3 294000-1401 294000-1402 for Isuzu 4JJ1 Engine D-MAX
shsiyayh Part Name:Fuel Injection Pump || Part Number:294000-1401 294000-1402 2940001401 2940001402 || APPlication: Compatible with Isuzu 4JJ1 Engine D-MAX || 1.Please tell us of your engine model or a view of nameplate when order this item to lower the error rate.Thanks. || 2.There are no instructions included in this is recommended to install professionally.

11 Apr 2024
13.2[5.94] pounds
CN: IMELBUFF Excavator P
IMELBUFF 294000-1403 294000-1400 294000-1402 8-98155988-3 8-98155988-1 Fuel Injection Pump for Isuzu D-MAX 4JJ1 4JJ1-TC Engine
IMELBUFF 🚜Part Number: 294000-1403 294000-1400 294000-1402 8-98155988-3 8-98155988-1 || 🚜Engine Model: for Isuzu Engine 4JJ1, 4JJ1-TC, Euro 5 || 🚜Part Name: 4JJ1 Engine Fuel Injection Pump || 🚜Warm Tips: Please check whether the fuel pump you need to replace match with us. If you are not sure, you can send us your model number. || 🚜Service: 6-months warranty and 24 hour support for customer service. Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any question with the product.

02 Nov 2023
0.0022[0.00] pounds
CN: meiyuanlei
Diesel Common Rail Fuel Pump 294000-1402 294000-1403 8981559881 8981559882 8981559883,Compatible For ISUZU (Color : 294000-1402)
AKkis ♥ Diesel Common Rail Fuel Pump 294000-1402 294000-1403 8981559881 8981559882 8981559883,Compatible For ISUZU || ♥ Adaptability: Fuel pumps are widely adaptable and can adapt to different types of engines and fuel systems, meeting the needs of various vehicles and providing better performance and driving experience. || ♥ High-pressure drive: The fuel pump can provide sufficient fuel pressure to ensure that the fuel can be smoothly delivered to the various components of the engine, maintain its normal working condition, and improve the operating efficiency and power output of the engine. || ♥ Safety: The fuel pump is equipped with a variety of safety devices and protection mechanisms, such as overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, etc., to ensure that the fuel supply is cut off in time under abnormal conditions and protect the safety of vehicles and passengers. || ♥ Durability: Using high-quality materials and strict manufacturing processes, it has a long service life, can withstand harsh environments and working conditions, reduces the frequency of failures and maintenance, improves the reliability of vehicles, and reduces maintenance costs.

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