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28 Mar 2023
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CN: Paris Left Bank Shop
Oil Injection Nozzle Remanufacture 095000-0285 095000-0284 Common Rail Diesel Injector Fit for Diesel Engine Replace Parts
CITFUN Good atomization effect, accurate spraying, fuel saving and environmental protection || It is easy to install and directly replace the original product that does not work. || It is made of high-quality materials, not easy to block, and is very durable. || Similar to the specifications of the original manufacturer, matching with the original vehicle, and passing the product quality test before shipment. || Better engine performance, more stable power acceleration, and conducive to complete combustion.

02 Dec 2022

CN: Daysyore
DAYSYORE 095000-0284 Fuel Injector - Common Rail Injector Assy Compatible With Diesel Engine Fuel Injector Nozzle Assy Parts,3 Month Warranty
Daysyore ????[PART NUMBER]: 095000-0284 Fuel Injector || ????[APPLICATION]: Fuel Injector 095000-0284 Fits For Diesel Engine Fuel Injector Parts || ????[QUALITY]: Made of high-quality materials,good atomization effect,high reliability,stable performance,fast response,easy to install. Parts: Fully remanufactured and tested OEM / OES unit - highest quality available. || ????[WARRANTY]: We provide a 3 months warranty.If you have any questions, please contact us by email first, and we will provide you with better Solution! || ????[DELIVERY TIME]: Your order (US CA MX) will be shipped by Express delivery within 48-72 hours after payment received and will arrive in 3-7 days.

02 Dec 2022

CN: Copachi Store-US
095000-0284 Fuel Injector-COPACHI Common Rail Injector Equipment Fits For Engine Fuel Injector Nozzle Assy Spare Parts,With 3 Month Warranty
COPACHI ???? PART NAME: 095000-0284 Fuel Injector || ????HIGH-QUALITY :Made of high-quality materials, good contact, easy to install ,stable performance, high reliability, easy to install, fast response.Parts:Fully remanufactured and tested OEM / OES unit - highest quality available || ????DELIVERY: We will ship it from China in 2-4 days by DHL/FEDEX/UPS, and it will arrive in 4-8 days after shipping. || ????WARRANTY: We provide a 3 months warranty. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem, we can send you a new one or give you a refund. || ????NOTE :Before placing an order, please pay attention to check whether the accessories of your car are consistent with the appearance and part number of this product.

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